Monday, February 22, 2016

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I couldn't think of a good title for my email this week. I'm super tired as I am writing this so this email will probably make no sense whatsoever.

Ok so transfers happened, and all the people who ignore me either went home or left, and then people I've already served around replaced them! So it's a win win for me. I am so excited to see the people I've served around. Elder Bergener is one of them, I served with him when I was in Corning. I freaking love that elder. So there's that and it's been great.

This week has actually been an ok week despite being homesick. Sister Morrison and I were really homesick transfer Tuesday. I hate transfer Tuesday. It was hard to know that the missionaries in our zone were on planes that very second to go see their family. It was hard for me because two of those missionaries were going home to North Carolina, and I wasn't one of them. But that's ok, we got over it and we decided to work hard this whole week. Because of that we found four new investigators, all of whom want to be taught the gospel. Boom. Thank you Heavenly Father for finally allowing us to find those who need to be taught. Tender mercies, y'all. They're real.

Sister Morrison and I have a good relationship. I am glad I am staying with her for another transfer. Yeah she is kind of mean when she doesn't get her way, but at the same time she is one of the most social people I've ever met. I am learning not to focus on the bad parts about a companion. I am focusing on the good they do and the positive influence they have on me. This week with talking to people I have been better, we actually had a good conversation about tracting and how we both need to work on it. So yeah it's getting better. I am fast approaching my 8 month mark. W00t! Holy cow.

Friday was district meeting, and we talked about the importance of reading the Book of Mormon. We came up with a list of questions of the soul and found answers to those questions using the Book of Mormon. It truly can knock any question out of the water. Read it, and you will know if it's true or not. I can promise you that.

We had a lesson with our investigator Tito. We taught about the Book of Mormon and how important it is. It was an amazing lesson, we really felt the spirit. Tito promised us he would start to read the Book of Mormon, and he told us he believes that everything we have taught him is true. We are so pumped, we are going to try to put him on date this week. Wish us luck!

We picked up an investigator who is 9 years old. Her name is Lylee.
Her family is less active, but she wants to be baptized. It's a good opportunity to teach her as well as her family and figure out why the heck they aren't coming to church.

Gosh I love less actives. I just love everyone.

Saturday was awesome because I GOT TO SEE SISTER MCQUAGGE!!!! She is one of the members I got close to when I was in Tempo Park. I LOVE that woman SO MUCH. UGH. She took us out to eat. Oh my gosh I adore her. You get so close to certain people, holy cow.

Sunday was easily the best day of the week. We had all of our progressing investigators come to church and some of our new investigators come as well. It was kind of stressful because from the two wards, 2 investigators came in each. I played a special musical number in the 3rd Ward, the restoration medley, and I am so glad I did because two less active families who we have been working with came to church. The King family and the Stone family both had not been to church in years, and they came on Sunday. I made both families cry when I played the song. The spirit of music touches everyone, and I am so glad I can share that talent. I love playing the piano so much, and I am so sorry I didn't practice more when I was home. I am going to push myself even further and harder when I get home on the piano. If I can help people feel the spirit like that, then I need to become a professional pianist.

I made breakfast for all the missionaries in our apartment complex this morning. I made crepes for everyone. I can't play sports worth a crap, but at least I can cook and play the piano.

Also, birthday shoutout to one of the most amazing people that have ever lived, George Washington. It's his birthday today. He's probably having a blast up in heaven with all his founding forefather friends.

I love you all so very much. I would not be Caroline Elizabeth Ginn without you people in my life. You are all so dear to me. Have a great week! <3 p="">


Sista Ginn

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