Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The People In Lincoln Are Rich

Ok so it's really fun and sad at the same time, I had completely forgotten what two story houses looked like because in Corning there's nothing but trailers and poverty. Then there's Lincoln. Dang these people got money. There's townhouses, giant mansions, bushes cut into rabbit shapes, and fancy water fountains galore. It's impressive. And our area is nice and close. Its lovely. I like it.

Anyway, my new companion is Sister Morrison. So far we get along just fine. She's exactly like me in a lot of ways, and we both have the same motto: "Work hard, play harder." So that's nice. The missionary work is done totally different then Corning is. I cover two wards instead of just one, Lincoln 3rd and 6th ward, so we have way more people to work with. We honestly don't see too many members, and every night we get dinner with them. It's great. Someone told people not to make us desserts so maybe I'll actually lose some weight. That would be nice.

So sister Morrison is sister training leader and she had to go to an all day meeting on Thursday which meant I was stuck in Lincoln and I had no idea where anything was. Another sister, Sister Patterson, was my companion and she's new to Lincoln too. We basically spent the whole day completely lost and didn't see anyone. So that was interesting.

The missionaries in my zone are great. They've all been serving around each other for about a year and a half so they're all great friends.
I'm kind of the awkward one around, I don't know any of these people.
I'm realizing that my entire life is just awkward and I'm okay with that. That's basically my first week.

We did a huge zone service project on Friday. We all did yard work for about three hours. Oh I miss yard work. It was fun, I raked soaking wet leaves into piles. It's been raining hard for the last week and the ground is absorbing none of the water since its rock hard so it's all just sitting there flooding stuff. The rain smells different here than in NC.

Saturday was a loooong day. We had every single appointment cancel on us so we spent the entire day finding, with little to no success. It wasn't until 4 that we finally found this part member family who actually let us in the door. We talked to them forever about the church and about Jesus and things like that. It went pretty great. It was such a tender mercy, especially after not seeing a single person all day. What a tender mercy. I was so tired after that, but I felt good about myself because I knew I had tried my best. It's whatevs.
It's only other people's salvation.

Sunday was nuts, so one ward starts at 9 and the other ward starts at 10:30. We have to flip flop every Sunday with church and ward councils and PEC and holy freaking heck so many meetings in one day. Our two bishops and two ward mission leaders are great though, they are willing to work with us and don't get offended when we don't attend their ward.

So far there's four progressing investigators here and I've met none of them. Hopefully I will meet some of them this coming week.

I live in an apartment again and it's wonderful. All the elders and sisters live in the same apartment complex.

The church is true guys. I wouldn't be on my mission if I didn't know it was true. I have never been a people person. I'm still not a people person. Ha you should see me interact with some of the elders. I have come to find that being a missionary really doesn't change you too much at all. It changes your testimony and how you act, but other than that you are still the same person. I'm still Caroline. My relationship with my savior has changed, and I've matured a lot, but I'm still Caroline. It's actually kind of great, I have zero tolerance for immaturity and idiocy because it just ticks me off. I am not a fan of dumb people.

My new address is 174 South O St. #22 Lincoln, CA 95643

Love you all! Talk to you next week.


Sister Caroline Elizabeth Ginn

New Companion Sister Morrison

First baptism for Caroline on her mission in Corning.

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