Monday, September 14, 2015

I May Be Emotional Sometimes But I Am Having Fun!

I honestly don't remember what I did this week so here's the basic highlights.

On Thursday was a trainers/trainee meeting, and I got to see everyone who came out with me in the mtc. I got to see my mtc companion Sister Singer again, and all the elders and sisters who were on the plane with me when we got here back in July. It was so refreshing to be in a room with people all at the same time of their missions as me.

We scared the absolute heck out of more elders this week. They are all plotting together now to scare the crap out of us and we are so paranoid. We'll get them before they get us. It's the greatest thing ever. I love scaring people. It makes me feel so alive.

I know most of you are probably waiting to hear about some great, spiritual lesson I had with an investigator. Or maybe a story about how I met some random person who was instantly interested in the gospel. I'm sorry, but I haven't had one of those yet. The people in my area are not interested. Period. We meet with so many less actives who simply refuse to come back to church. And that is just fine. We love them so much as people of God. Our purpose is not to force them or anyone to come to church. Our purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ. So if these emails don't have enough spiritual experiences for you involving converting people, go read another missionary email who can fulfill your needs.

We meet people every day. There's lists of less actives and inactives we go through each week. Most of these people don't want us to come back. And that is alright. I don't really get discouraged. Right now, I am working on loving the mission and loving my companion and loving the other missionaries I am serving with. My zone leaders I have are the best I've ever had. Granted they are the only ones I've had, but still. Elder Shepherd and Elder Jensen are awesome. They are my favorites. They are so accepting of everyone and especially Sister Hodge and I. They are the pair of elders we keep scaring so badly and they take it like champs. They teach me so much about how to be better as a person, not just as a missionary.

That's what I am learning. God is teaching me to be humble, and to be patient right now. This area is the hardest in the mission because it has been pounded to death with missionaries since it's so small. I'm okay with that. I'm happy talking to all these people. I don't care that I'm not having lessons all the time. Some days are rough. I am learning to rely on the lord in all things.

I am reading the Book of Mormon again and my favorite chapter in it is
3 Nephi 11. It talks about Christ appearing to the Nephites. I love it because it expresses the love he has for all of them. He loves us all so much, and we only need to reach out to Him through sincere prayer.
The Atonement happened for us. Jesus' blood was spilt for us. We need to use the Atonement and repent. He knows exactly how and what we feel at all hours of the day. What a comfort and a blessing. I know that it is true. I am so grateful to be able to repent. I love this gospel and everything in it. I know there is a God who loves us eternally. He will never stop loving us, even if we stop loving him. All will be well if we put our trust in God.

Saturday was the one day I do remember. We did service for two hours and walked a bunch of subdivisions giving out flyers for a food drive one of the wards is doing. We gave our over 200 flyers to doorsteps and people. Later on we were able to see people and talk to people we have been trying to reach forever. It is such a breath of fresh air to talk to an actual human being. We share small testimonies, sometimes of prayer, sometimes of families. I'm learning how to do share one minute gospel messages. I am learning how to do many things in this area that will prepare me for my next one. Sister Hodge and I literally have nothing in common but we get along so well and we love each other and serve each other. We love to do spontaneous things for other missionaries to make their days better. I am having fun. I am still super emotional sometimes but I am having fun.

I love you all. There isn't one person who is reading that isn't important to me. You have each helped me at some point in my life and I will do my best to live up to your trust in me. I will not let any of you down. I promise.
Til next Monday.

With eternal love,

Sister Ginn
See if you can find me!

These are MTC buddies I haven't seen since leaving the MTC!

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