Monday, August 10, 2015

Churros and Piano

 New missionaries fresh off of the plane from the MTC with President and Sister Marston.
     First experience with Churros. She loved them!
Caroline's week was a good one. She has lots of members feed her and her companion in this particular area. She is in the Orangevale area of this mission. It is still very hot there but also extremely dry. Temperature can reach up to 112 degrees. She is complaining about itchy dry skin something she did not have to worry about back in hot and humid NC. She will figure it out!
This week she was able to play a special musical number in sacrament in her ward. There was a missionary leaving and also one coming home. That was very special that she was asked to play.
She plays the piano any chance she gets and people love to hear her talent. She is working hard to be able to find someone to teach. They knock on doors but either no one is home or no one wants to listen. I know they will tract into someone who will want to hear about Jesus Christ. She says it is hard but she is loving the people there and has really connected with several families in the ward. I am so grateful for those families who have welcomed her and loved her.

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