Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Finally I Get to Teach an INVESTIGATOR !!!!!

Hello to all, I hope your week has been fun and full of smiles and
laughter and things that bring you enjoyment. If not, make it happen.

This week has been one of those weeks with tons of ups and downs. Fun
right? On Tuesday we finally made contact with a human and this
human's name is Dominique. She was interested slightly in learning
more about Jesus, so we scheduled on Wednesday for an appointment.
When we got to her apartment we met her sister who lives there as
well. We told her who we were and she laughed. I'm not sure what that
means but we are persistent and gosh dang it when you tell us you want
to hear about Jesus we will teach you about Him. We will continue to
visit her every day until we see her again.

We knocked on a potential investigators door at 5 pm on Wednesday and
apparently woke up this person from a nap. He wasn't very happy with
us but I thought the whole situation was hilarious and I had to keep
from laughing. I don't think he will be super interested in us coming
back but that's okay.
School started back on Thursday here, which is weird, but we are
hoping things will get better now that everyone is home in the

I really like to scare people. Like, hide behind furniture and jump
out and scare people. Sometimes in the bathrooms I wait for the other
sister missionaries to come in and I'll hide in a stall and scream
when it gets quiet. The squeals of terror are hilarious and I've
gotten my companion to join me when I do it.

Friday was my first ever zone conference and I spoke. I was actually
the first speaker and I wasn't even nervous about it. This speaking in
front of people thing isn't scary anymore. It's easy now. Everyone
told me I did a good job but I don't even remember what I said. I did
have a talk prepared but I used none of it. Everything I said was
straight from my heart and straight from the spirit. I also played the
piano and made everyone cry so that's also a plus. It was a really
good zone conference. President Marston came up to me and told me I
was a miracle and that I was sent here to perform miracles. I had no
idea what to say to that so I just said "I love you President." And I
do. Friday night sister Hodge and I were walking to our dinner
appointment and we talked to someone who was out on the street. We
find out she was Methodist and she was super nice to us and was amazed
that we had chosen to leave our homes for 18 months to serve the lord.
She wasn't interested in us coming to her house but who cares I
actually talked to someone, just like in the church videos, heck yes.

Saturday was interesting, we found out that we are moving to a loft
that a member owns. The other sisters are staying here in the
apartment. I'm not sure when we are moving, probably sometime next
Saturday afternoon was also interesting. Around 2 pm, my foot and
ankle started to throb. I thought it would go away so I didn't say
anything about it to sister Hodge. She was dealing with the stress of
moving because she does not want to move, so I didn't want to bring up
another issue. It didn't go away and it was getting worse. By 5 pm I
mention something to her and she immediately brought me to the church
and I asked to zone leaders to give me a blessing of healing. The pain
didn't leave, but the throbbing stopped and eventually throughout the
day it felt a lot better. I don't know why it was hurting so bad, but
my testimony of the priesthood grew a lot. I am grateful to all young
men who are worthy to hold such a sacred power.

I have a hard time making friends my age. I always have struggled with
this. Yeah I can talk to people, but making friendships is hard for
me. When you are thrown into an area where you don't know anyone from
Adam and Eve, it's hard. Teaching, talking to people about the gospel,
loving total strangers, that's easy for me. Making friends? That's a
completely different story. I make better friends with people three
times my age. Talking to 19-20 year old all the time is just
difficult to me. Honestly, the elders and sisters who were in my
district were some of the fastest friends I've ever made. I think
about my experience at the mtc a lot. It was not my favorite place in
the world, but I made some great friendships there. I'm trying to make
friendships here and it is so hard for me. It's something the lord
needs me to work on, I believe. So I'm working on it.

That's it for this week, I will talk to you all soon. I love each and
everyone of you and if anyone ever tells you that you are not good
enough, ride into battle and stab them through the throat with your
lance of confidence.

Peace out cub scouts.

Sister Ginn

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