Wednesday, July 29, 2015

First Week in California

                Caroline and Sister Hodge her trainer.

So Caroline is loving California!! We were so grateful to get these first pictures. They show us that she is adapting to her new area and making it home for herself. Her first area is the Citrus Heights area. Her first ward is the Tempo Park Ward. She is living with another companionship in this apartment and she sleeps on a mattress on the floor. She does not care because at the end of the day she is exhausted.
Her area does not have a lot of investigators. There are mostly less active members. She is ok with that.
Caroline played for her new bishop and he was so impressed that he asked her to play a special musical number in sacrament and also play prelude music every Sunday. Her talents are being put to work and that is fantastic.
California is in a drought so it is super dry out there. Everyone is always taking about it and she is tired of hearing about it. She wants to get them to focus on Jesus Christ instead of the drought.
Caroline said that the Lord is always with her.She feels like someone has a hand on her back all of time and that it is gently guiding her where she needs to go.
I am so grateful for her and for the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Our Savior wants everyone to learn of Him and I know she will do her best to teach this.

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