Thursday, October 21, 2010

We Are Daughters of Our Heavenly Father

I was able to finally finish my Personal Progress book that I started over a year and four months ago. As a Young Women leader I wanted to earn my medallion to be an example to all of the girls especially my own girls. I was able to complete this goal before I was released. I am truly grateful for this wonderful book and the inspiring goals it helps each girl to meet. I am sad to say that I never completed my Personal Progress book when I was in Young Women many years ago. It is never too late and I am so thankful that I was able to finish. This is the brand new medallion and it has a ruby at the bottom. There are also some subtle differences to this one compared with the previous one. I know my girls want to earn their medallion and I will be there to help in any way. Our stake also gives these beautiful ceramic temples to those who earn the medallion. They come to the wards to present them. I am sad not to be apart of the Young Women Organization any more. I truly loved working with each and every one of them.


Mandy said...

Way to go, Deana! You are awesome. I, too, didn't finish as a Young Woman....and I think I only had my Laurel project left, too. That medallion and temple are beautiful. I'm doing good, except for gestational diabetes - ugh - but really feeling better than I did with Mal at this point. Miss you.

Staceroo said...

Congratulations, Deana! You are an excellent example to the girls in your ward and your own girls as well. I think I'll be re-earning mine about four times (once with each daughter!) :)