Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Family Photo

This picture was taken this summer and I thought it was great. My sister-in -law took it at White Lake. I always love a family picture. I will probably send this out in Christmas cards this year.


Anonymous said...

Hey there!! It's so good to hear from you! I was trying to look up your mom's address or phone number to drop her a line a few months ago to no avail. Your husband spoke in our ward not long after but I didn't want to scare him by asking for contact info since he doesn't know me (I don't think).

Your kids are so grown now and look so fantastic! I bet Grammy is loving having you guys so close.

Tell Janice I said hello. I think of her a lot and of our elementary school capers. Ethan is in second grade now, the same as when Janice and I met. Unfortunately, field days are done differently now (and so stinking wierd) so he won't get the joys of finding a buddy with whom he can stomp the other classes in the three-legged race.

Email me sometime. I know it's maybe dorky but I'd love to get together if we're in the same area sometime...or just exchange christmas cards.


Melissa said...

Hey Deana!!! I LOVE the family picture. You have 4 BEAUTIFUL girls! We actually might be coming up these weekend for your conference. It just depends on our car situation. Hopefully we'll see ya there. :)

Deon said...

Hey I found you! I'm getting together a blog as well. You guys look great! We miss you so much!

Deon said...

O.K. I got my blog together
We would love to have you visit us at www.MannyandDeonplus5.blogspot.com

Tricia said...

What a beautiful family picture. It was great to see you at conference. The girls are getting so big!!

Natalie said...

Deanna, Followed your link from mandys. So good to see your face again. We moved to LA, near Stacy recently. We are living it up with playdates and such. I loved the picture of Hannah sleeping in the box. Visit my blog at daveandnatsfamily.blogspot.com
Say hi to Greg for me! natalie

Mandy said...

Great photo! I'm anti-family photo for us...well, you know why probably. I've got a lot to work on....anyway, love and miss you guys! Wanna come visit?