Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Kimberly loves the water and has no fear of climbing in by herself. Hinckley our new puppy also seems to enjoy it.


Kathy Grove said...

Hey blogger! Great to see you out here in Blogtown!!

One thing I noticed...extremely early post hours! 3:57 am, 4:23 am--what kind of hours do you keep woman??!?!

Love Kathy

Mandy said...

Okay, so, I know it's crazy, but when I first looked at that picture I thought it was hannah! then i went back and read the text to the side, and realized, MY GOSH! She is so big with such long hair! How can that be baby kimberly?! from that angle, definitely looks like Hannah from a few years ago, except a little bit more redhead, of course.