Friday, May 23, 2008

40th Wedding Anniversary

This is my mom and dad on their 40th wedding anniversary. We had a great time celebrating with them. I am grateful for their love and example. My dad just had a tumor removed from his brain. His hair is shaved in this photo. We are blessed that he was able to be with us especially my mom. Heavenly Father blesses us with miracles daily. Unfortunately the tumor was cancerous and there is a small bit left. I know my dad will be able to beat this. His positive attitude has been a plus. I love them both very much.


Jennifer Knight said...

Hey, short and sassy! Found 'ya day one. I will be checking it out and keeping you on track!

Jennifer Knight said...

Oh yeah, too bad your dad had to wear that ugly shirt! We love him anyway.

Mandy said...

They look so adorable! Tell them congrats from us. And, your dad is looking great, especially considering what he's been through lately. You all have been in our prayers, Daddy Dean included.